Mystery Skype Sign-up

  • Mystery Skyping is one of many ways to use Skype to connect with other classrooms.
  • Two classes connect without the students knowing the location of the other class.
  • Students are assigned different roles to help detect where the other class is from.
    • Inquirers - Ask closed, geography based questions to the other class
    • Question Keepers - Type already asked questions and answers into a word processing document
    • Google Mappers - Use Google maps/other maps to zero in on location based upon the clues
    • Runner - Problem solver for other students/Take relevant information from group to group
    • Logical Reasoners - Use information to remove possible countries/states. They help narrow down the choices
    • Clue Keepers - Use paper maps to keep track of the information
    • Photographer - Take pictures of the event
  • Using these jobs, students collaborate to solve the location of the other class.
  • For an example, visit Mystery Skype - Who Could it Be?.

If you are interested...

  • If you would like to Mystery Skype, leave your name, Twitter name, website and email address. Others will be able to contact you to be able to set up a Mystery Skype session. Sign up on the Google Doc.